Differences between the user roles

The following user roles are available to restrict access to various webpages and modules across the site. As you move down the list, each role contains access from all the previous groups.


The renter group is the most basic user group. It allows you to hide certain content that you might want to make visible to homeowners only, such as financial documents or meeting minutes.

Resident (Owner)

The resident group is the most commonly used group. Most of your members will fall into this category. This is also the default category for all new registrations.


The editor group adds additional access to your site such as basic access to the admin area. Editors have access to functions such as creating/editing web pages, reviewing classified/sitter ads, and moderating posts in the forums, just to name a few.


The board group is very similar to the editor group with the addition of being able to view full member details as well as create new users. Use the board group if you want to prevent your board members from making configuration changes to your site.


The administrator group contains full access to manage every aspect of your site.