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Don't waste your time and money on sites that charge you by the feature. Get all these great Premium features below for one low price. Most of the features below are included in our FREE lifetime Starter Plan which comes with a 30-day FREE trial of all the Premium Plan features.

Plan Comparison

Not sure which plan is right for you? Compare all plans below to decide which one is right for you.

What You Get Starter Plan Premium Plan
Create your own pages with our easy-to-use editor
  • If you've ever used a document editor such as Microsoft Word, you already know how to modify pages on your site.
  • Our easy-to-use editor makes it easy to enter text and graphics as well as apply formatting without knowing any html.
  • For those more web savvy, you can toggle into the code view and enter html there.
Customizable templates
  • Templates can be modified to change the header, footer, and photos on your site.
  • If you require more advanced customizations, we can create virtually any type of look for your site.
Event Calendar
  • Keep track of upcoming events.
  • Post your Board meeting, pool party, BBQ party, garage sales, and other neighborhood events to keep your residents informed.
  • An Upcoming Events module can be set to appear on your homepage.
Classified Ads
  • From properties for sale to things your residents just don't need, the classifieds module is a great way to advertise at no additional cost.
  • You'll have the ability to moderate and approve all ads, or just set them active automatically for a hands off solution.
  • Residents can upload their own photos and sell their item faster!
  • Residents can update or deactivate their ads after posting.
  • Receive an email alert when residents create or update an ad.
Photo Gallery
  • Use the photo gallery to share photos of your community, or keep them private for residents only.
  • Categories can be created to group your photos.
  • Residents can upload their own photos to specific photo albums (premium plan only).
Messaging Module
  • Easily e-mail newsletters and other important information to residents.
  • Target emails to all residents, or to predefined groups that users have subscribed to.
  • Custom templates that you create and a built in editor make it easier and faster to send out emails.
Surveys and Polls
  • Got a question that needs answering? Create a survey and let users vote on it.
  • Multiple surveys can be set on one or pages and made available to the public, or to residents only.
  • A summary of votes is available once a vote is cast.
  • Tired of getting the same questions from residents? With the FAQs module, you can be more proactive and list your most frequently asked questions.
  • Create groupings (i.e., Maintenance Questions, Lanscaping Questions, etc) for your FAQs to help keep them organized and easier to access.
News Ticker
  • With the News Ticker module, you can scroll various messages in the margin.
  • Set the page you'd like the message to appear on and whether you'd like all users, or just members the ability to see it.
  • As an optional feature, you can link your message off to another page for more details.
Local Weather
  • Stay on top of local weather. Use the weather module to select your closest weather station for current weather conditions.
  • Valid with third party weather widget.
Member Directory
  • Looking for a phone number a neighbor down the street?
  • Provide an address book for all residents in your community. Residents can decide whether they want to appear by setting an option in their profile.
Member Messaging
  • Need to get a message to a resident?
  • Use the site messaging system to send important messages to a residents.
  • Residents can also contact other residents to send a friendly note.
  • See real-time status reports on who is getting your emails.
Buddy List
  • Use the Buddy List to keep up with other residents and make it easier to contact them.
Banner Advertising
  • Make money by selling ad space on your site.
  • All templates include 4 ad placements on the majority of pages across the site (top, left margin, right margin, and bottom)
  • Support clickable images with tracking of clicks or rich media ads.
  • Ads can be set to start and end on specific dates.
Site Map
  • The Site Map creates an index of all the content pages on your site.
  • Residents can see all the pages in one place.
  • The Site Map also helps to get your webpages ranked higher on search engines.
  • No site is complete without a guestbook.
  • Allow visitors to your site to post their comments or just to say hello.
  • You set whether the entry should be posted automatically or require approval by a Board member before posted.
  • Receive an email alert when an entry is submitted.
Contact Form
  • Make it easier for residents and prospective residents to contact you.
  • Manage the request types and create categories for Site Feedback, Violations, General Questions, and more!
Site Stats
  • See Who's Online at any given point and how long they've been on.
  • Get monthly and daily page view and unique visitor counts.
  • See the IP address of all your visitors and who their ISP is.
  • See what browsers people are using.
  • View a list of referring sites to see where people access your site from.
Customizable Menus
  • Create menus to help group links.
  • Set access restrictions so only specific groups can see certain menus and the links within them.
  • Set the order of each menu if you have multiple menus.
  • Menus can be set to appear in either the left margin or across the top of your pages.
Member Access Restrictions
  • All users of the site are grouped into three classifications:
    1. Member - has access to view member specific content and modules
    2. Editor - has Member access, plus access to modify any content on the site
    3. Administrator - has access to all parts of the site and can make any type of configuration change or content change
Admin Control Panel
  • Manage your entire site through our easy-to-use web-based Content Management System (CMS).
  • Select a site template, update content, create polls, moderate forums, contact members, and upload files. These are just a few things that you can complete in minutes.
Discussion Forums
  • Planning a community event? Changing a rule or regulation? Want to solicite feedback from residents?
  • Let residents join in the discussion with the Forums module.
  • Control what discussions you want residents to see and what you want to keep between Board members only.
Customizable Forms
  • Use the forms generate to generate an unlimited number of custom forms.
  • Protect your e-mail addresses from spammers and bots by creating a web form that emails the data directly to you.
  • Add any type of form element, such as an input box, select box, checkboxes, etc as well as labels.
  • You determine what fields are required.
Facility Manager
  • Use the Facility Manager to provide information about all your facilities.
  • Post your hours, description, and photos.
  • Decide whether you want to require reservations using our reservations calendar.
Upload Files & Documents
  • Easily upload all your documents and images using our file manager.
  • Create directories to organize your files.
Share Files & Documents
  • Share all your important documents.
  • Set permission levels for each file.
What's New
  • Residents can see what is new on your site by visiting one area of the site.
  • See new/updated Webpages, Classified Ads, Sitter Ads, Forum Posts, Events, FAQs, and Neighborhood Watch incidences.
  • Each item links users to the appropriate page on the site.
  • See what's new on your site in the last 1, 7, 15, 30, 60, 90, or 120 days.
Neighborhood Watch
  • Post all your neighborhood watch information in a central location.
  • Residents can submit an incident report to be posted on the site.
  • You set whether the incidents should be posted automatically or require approval by a Board member before posted.
  • Receive an email alert when an incident is submitted.
Find a Sitter
  • The Find a Sitter service allows residents to easily locate a sitter in the neighborhood.
  • Residents can also post an ad.
  • The service include Baby, House, Pet, and Plant sitting.
  • Residents can include their rate, contact information, and availability.
  • Supports User Reviews so residents can post feedback on a sitter.
  • Residents can update or deactivate their ads after posting.
Interactive Location Map
  • The Location Map service allows people to find your neighborhood.
  • You set your address and an interactive map is displayed.
  • Users can zoom in and move the map around.
  • Enter a starting address to get door-to-door driving directions.
Task Manager for Board Members
  • Keep track of important To-Do's by setting a reminder for each task.
Member Profiles
  • Take the work out of updating resident information.
  • Collect important information from your residents such as their name, address, emergency contact, e-mail address, and vehicle and pet information.
Distributed webpage editing
  • Allow individual groups to maintain their own webpages.
  • Great for committees!
Work Request Creation
  • Allow residents to submit a work request with attachments.
  • Track all correspondence between the resident and board member.
  • Create custom categories and post violations to resident accounts.
  • Track all correspondence between the resident and board member.
Custom Groups
  • Create custom groups for email subscriptions.
  • Can be used for allowing webpage edit permissions.
Custom domain name

Hosting under your own domain (i.e.,

Custom subdomains

Hosting under our subdomain name (i.e.,

Unique emails using your own domain name
  • Create and manage up to 15 email accounts.
  • Create distribution lists or email forwards.
  • 5GB of storage per mailbox.
  • Additional accounts available for a small charge.
Secure website with SSL
  • Allows all data between your browser and your HOA website to be encrypted.
  • Your website will be available over https only (custom domains only).

Our Plans

Choose a plan that is right for you!

Starter Plan

$0 / Monthly

Our Starter Plan is great for communities that would like to try our service before committing to a monthly service plan.

  • 5 users included
  • 50 MB of storage
  • Guestbook
  • Photo gallery
  • Surveys and Polls

Premium Plan

$25 / Monthly

Our Premium Plan includes everything found in our Starter Plan, plus many additional features.

  • Member directory
  • Flexible storage plan
  • Login for each resident
  • Online Classifieds
  • Facility reservations
  • And many more features...

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