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Since 2006, communities across America have been using HOA Total Access for their homeowner website. Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, HOA Total Access is a family owned business providing superior quality and unmatched service.

Your Own Website Within Minutes

Our easy-to-use editor makes it easy to create and update webpages without knowing how to build websites.

Popular Features

  • Event Calendar
    • Keep track of upcoming events.
    • Post your Board meeting, pool party, BBQ party, garage sales, and other neighborhood events to keep your residents informed.
    • An Upcoming Events module can be set to appear on your homepage.
  • Classified Ads
    • From properties for sale to things your residents just don't need, the classifieds module is a great way to advertise at no additional cost.
    • You'll have the ability to moderate and approve all ads, or just set them active automatically for a hands off solution.
    • Residents can upload their own photo and sell their item faster!
    • Residents can update or deactivate their ads after posting.
    • Receive an email alert when residents create or update an ad.
  • Messaging Module
    • Easily e-mail newsletters and other important information to residents.
    • You can target emails to all residents, or to predefined groups that users have subscribed to.
    • Custom templates that you create and a built in editor make it easier and faster to send out emails.
  • Surveys and Polls
    • Got a question that needs answering? Create a survey and let users vote on it.
    • Multiple surveys can be set on one or pages and made available to the public, or to residents only.
    • A summary of votes is available once a vote is cast.
  • Member Directory
    • Looking for a phone number a neighbor down the street?
    • Provide an address book for all residents in your community. Residents can decide whether they want to appear by setting an option in their profile.
  • Discussion Forums
    • Planning a community event? Changing a rule or regulation? Want to solicite feedback from residents?
    • Let residents join in the discussion with the Forums module.
    • Control what discussions you want residents to see and what you want to keep between Board members only.
  • Customizable Forms
    • Use the forms generate to generate an unlimited number of custom forms.
    • Protect your e-mail addresses from spammers and bots by creating a web form that emails the data directly to you.
    • Add any type of form element, such as an input box, select box, checkboxes, etc as well as labels.
    • You determine what fields are required.
  • Upload Files & Documents
    • Easily upload all your documents and images using our file manager.
    • Create directories to organize your files.
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Create an HOA Website

Community Information Your Site ID is part of your website address and should represent your community name or an abbreviation (only letters/numbers, no spaces or special characters).

For example, if your community name is "Waterford Place", you might want to enter "waterford" or "waterfordhoa".

This cannot be changed later so choose carefully.

* http://.hoatotalaccess.net

Account Login An email address and password is required so you can access your account at a later time.


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