How will a community web site benefit our residents?

HOA Total Access web sites offer your residents not only an online multi-topic discussion forum, but they will also have instant access to important contact names and addresses. You can create forms for architectural review requests or contact forms for each of your committees. Classifieds offer a cost-effective way for residents to advertise goods and services to their neighbors without having to pay for expensive ads in local newspapers that only run for one or two weeks. Additionally, residents can easily learn about the newest developments and issues by viewing the "What's New" page, which shows a list of everything that has changed on your website. A calendar of events allows community members to quickly see upcoming events during the current or future months. Once the residents of your community begin using their web site for discussions, news, and information, they'll soon wonder how they ever lived without one.

With all the other options out there like Facebook and Google+, what can I do on a traditional HOA website that I can't do elsewhere?